A free online drum machine for non-drummers.

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Drumbot is the next best thing to a real drummer. Full song loops and tons of grooves.

Designed specifically for non-drummers for use as backing tracks during song composition.

We've partnered with real drummers, (can you think of a better beat maker?) who've created entire songs, from intro to outro, then organized everything to help you discover that perfect groove.

Each of the hand-crafted "songs" consists of a collection of loops (loop set) that all run at the same BPM and are all inter-related.

Most loop sets have multiple intro's, verses, chorus', fills, crashes and outros.

You can organize these basic building blocks into a unique arrangement that suits your needs.







Each of the loop previews (on the left-hand side of drumbot) are about 5-10 seconds -- just long enough to give you a feel for the groove.

When you find a groove you like, double-click on it, or click the "Test Drive" button to load the "loop set" into drumbot.

Then you can quickly arrange the loops by dragging and dropping a colored block onto the timeline.

You can re-arrange the bocks on the timeline by dragging and dropping them into the order you prefer.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Toggle play / pause


Rewind to beginning


Go to end




Click the "Get Source" button within Drumbot to download the source WAV files for use in Fruity Loops, Garage Band, Logic, Protools, Ableton Live, or whatever elese you're using.

HINT: The Drumbot tracks are all toally free.

To add a drum loop to the timeline, simply drag and drop a loop into the timeline at the location you want it.

To remove a block from the timeline, drag the unwanted block out of the timeline.


Allows you to open an existing Drumbot Loop Set. Drumbot Loop Sets are text-based XML files that contain information about the arrangement of loops on the timeline.

Saves the current state of the timeline so you can continue working on the set at a later time, or make different versions based on your needs.

Allows you to save the track as a stereo WAV file for usage in another audio editing program such as Pro Tools, Garage Band, Logic, etc.

The mini play buttons allow you to preview a drum loop before adding it to the timeline. The preview can loop continuously if the "Loop Preview" button is checked.















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