Looper is an online seamless loop editor with high-level control for audio loop creation.

To start, drag and drop your mp3, wav, aiff or ogg audio file into this window, or click the "load button".

Once loaded, you'll see three layers of visualization.

  • The top layer shows the wave form for the entire loaded audio file.
  • The second layer is where you define the "in" and "out" parts of the loop.
  • The third layer is split in half, and provides a super zoomed in view of how the end and beginning meet. The right side shows the beginning, and the left the ending. The middle is the "seam".

Drag the left/right seam areas to align the wave-forms so the "ups" and "downs" align across the seam.

Ideally, you'll want a "zero-crossing" on the seam, so both the end and the beginning amplitudes are zero.

The micro fade zone can be resized to force the seam to "push" the beginning and end down to zero right at the seam, but it's best to first manually align the begin and end positions so they both are as close to zero and maintain a relatively consistant pattern flowing from the end to the begining.

Use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out. Hold SHIFT whilst zooming to visually increase the amplitude.

Release Notes

v0.021 - 2021-6-22 - Added spacebar toggle play/pause.
v0.019 - 2021-6-20 - Fixed export for sources with more than 2 channels.
v0.017 - 2021-4-23 - Initial release.